The EU’s plans for #VATMOSS reform

Today the EU has announced its Single Digital Market Strategy for Europe (.pdf, 360kb), a long-term project formulated around the three pillars of market access, environment, and economy & society.

As expected, the strategy acknowledges the problems caused by the lack of proper due diligence in implementing the EU Place of Supply reforms (#VATMOSS), for which we owe the hardworking team at the EU Vat Action group complete and sole credit.

The Strategy’s plans for #VATMOSS, and for general VAT issues, are as follows: Continue reading

Why requiring proof of ID to use social networking sites won’t work

I got a big laugh at WordCamp London when I showed the audience this tweet as an example of an “unhelpful intervention”.

The idea of being required to present proof of identification to use social networking sites is obviously a dystopian nightmare borne out of desperate political populism. Aside from that, though, the idea has already been proven – in the courts – to be a non-starter. Continue reading