How to colour-code data inputs in the WordPress admin interface

I am developing a CiviCRM database for a client in WordPress. It uses WP as its backbone to deliver the CRM in the admin dashboard.

This database will supplement and hopefully one day replace a paper-based system spread around several thousand file folders. The client uses a colour-coding system in these file folders to note the service users’ medical condition. Over time the colour coding has become subconscious to them in the sense that if the files are in an orange folder, they know what condition they are dealing with.

The client was keen to carry this colour coding over into the CRM. The trick was getting the CRM to use the correct colour code depending on what condition has been selected.

Here’s how I did it.

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Bar chart showing decreasing cookie law reports by quarter.

Asking for help: here’s how you can help me get my postgraduate degree.

As anyone who has been within a mile of me knows, I have been accepted into the postgraduate programme in internet law and policy at the University of Strathclyde for the autumn session. Getting this qualification is incredibly important to me both personally and professionally. It’s my hope to use the programme as the first step on what I hope will be a long journey of bridging the gap between the policymakers of internet law and the coders of web design and development. I want to find a way to help policymakers to take the practical consequences of legislation into consideration, while giving the coding community a voice that they have, up to this point, been denied.

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