Q1′s web site tips for third sector organisations and charities

Over on my main business site I have been publishing a weekly web site tip for charities, third sector organisations, and social enterprises.

The tips are aimed at small to medium sized organisations and groups who may not have a full time web or communications person, or who are new to running an organisational web site, or who need a little extra help along the way. Continue reading

Book review: “Digital Adaptation” by Paul Boag

I’ve often said that web design is 33% web design, 33% human resources, and 33% management. The everyday site viewer has no idea of the internal politics, the staffing issues, and the work that can go in to something as simple as the inclusion of a contact email address in a site’s header.* Web designers who go into the job thinking that our career involves minimal human contact and maximum creative output learn very quickly that the truth is just the opposite. Continue reading