#VATMOSS: Why Vince Cable must resign as Secretary of State for Business

Sneering at small businesses as usual

Looking down at small businesses as usual

By now we have all seen Vince Cable’s utterly ignorant cut-and-paste PR statement response to the VATMOSS petition on Change.org.

The response has left the petition coordinator, Izzy Zinaburg, having to essentially make a public apology for the Business Secretary’s confusion, as if he was a relative with dementia at a family Christmas party. Continue reading

Sole traders, digital products, and EU VAT reform

2014-11-17_103619Over at Everyday Designer I’ve written about the imminent EU VAT reform which affects you if you sell e-books, themes, plugins, icons, tunes, digital downloads, or any intangible digital products online IN or TO the EU. If you are a sole trader or a microbusiness you have until 1 January 2015 to make some very difficult decisions.

Trigger warning: taxes, paperwork, bureaucracy, headaches, completely freaking out