Dear young designers – this is what a spec work contest looks like.

I have always been very vocal in my stance against spec work, a system where design concepts are requested at the interview phase or as contest entries in order to qualify for the contract. That stance is made possible by the fact that I have the confidence and experience to recognise it and reject it. Of course, spec work is rarely targeted at (…ageing) professionals like me. It is usually aimed at young people who are just starting out and are in the most desperate and vulnerable phases of their careers.

And here is a classic, and shameful, example of that. Continue reading

Q2′s web site tips for third sector organisations and charities

Each week this year I am publishing a web site tip for charities, third sector organisations, and social enterprises on my main business site.

The tips are aimed at small to medium sized organisations and groups who may not have a full time web or communications person, or who are new to running an organisational web site, or who need a little extra help along the way. Continue reading

By accident, I’ve written my first book

I wear two hats in my business: one is the hat I wear as a web designer and consultant to the third sector. The other one is the hat I wear in service to the web profession. A pleasant consequence of the work I did on the cookie law is that it led me to find a passion for translating the complexities of web law into simple language that the web community can use.

Several weeks ago I began writing a blog post on the next big internet law that will require web designers and developers to change the ways they create web sites. Continue reading